CM 201-U Board of Education
Nelson Albrecht, PresidentCheryl Roop, Vice PresidentMaurice Brown, SecretaryJeanine Galbraith, MemberDr. Todd C. Hall, MemberWilliam Sawallisch, Jr., MemberSandra Walters, Member
Dr. Kara Coglianese, Superintendent

Alignment to Strategic Plan

On August 13, 2019, the Crete-Monee School District Board of Education approved the 4-Year Strategic Plan. It is comprised of the mission, vision, core values, goals & strategies as determined by a 72-Person committee made up of students, teachers, staff, and community. The plan is a dynamic, active document that will guide decision-making at both school and district levels.

The intended outcomes of the Facilities and Financial Advisory Committees are aligned to two of the six goals outlined in our new District Strategic Plan - Provide our students with equitable, safe, and well-maintained facilities that encourage successful teaching and learning AND to prioritize our financial resources to meet our short and long-term goals.

A school structure can symbolize hope, opportunity, or stability for students. Perhaps the greatest impact of safe, comfortable, and inspiring schools is that they communicate a message to students and teachers that they are respected and special individuals; and that education is a critical component of our society. It is important that students, teachers, parents, and community members want to come to our schools.

Our Mission: Empower each student to positively impact the world for a bright new future.


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